Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Importance of Light

Assignment 1: Using a light reflector

This part of the assignment was probably the most difficult for me. But I was able to reflect some light from different angles onto the subject. I think it did effect the feeling of the photos for example the first of the following two photos was taken without using the reflective poster board, and it is darker, kind of gloomier then the second photo. The second photo was also taken at slightly different angle and is aslo much brighter...

Assignment 2: Diffused Light

For this photo I created a softer light on the subject using blinds. The only light in the room was the light creeping in through the blinds. I think it creates a softer feeling and it is easier for the eye to travel around the photo. I feel like it was a successful shot.

Assignment 3:

I experimented with mood lighting in the following shots. Basically, I directly pointed the light from my lamp on the subject from different angles. The first shot was kind of angled underlighting. But the second two shots were high side lighting which is supposed to be effetctive for portraits. I did feel like the high side lighting was more interesting and effective for this scene. I like the shadows and modeling this light produced.

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