Friday, November 21, 2008

Final Project

Emilyann Allen
Final Project Proposal

I want to do a project based on theme and subject matter, and depending on the result of the images I may want to create a slide show or possibly a collage. I would like for the subject to be my little cousin that is a dancer. Through the images I capture I want to convey movement, light, and possibly create a whimsical feel. Or potentially an intense emotional feel. I danced growing up, and to me dance was very expressionistic. Dancing is a beautiful way to convey sadness or anger or hope. To dance in itself is such a freedom. It is my goal to create images that ignite passion in even people who have never danced, to truly convey its meaning.
I plan to start creating my vision by first portraying the subject. I want to take different shots of her in different costumes, and possibly even regular warm up clothes that create different moods. I also plan on finding different locations and settings to put her in, like the studio. But I might also have her dancing outside, connecting to nature. Or she could be alone in her house, thinking no one is watching, dancing wildly just for the fun of it. I also plan on manipulating some of the shots in photoshop as necessary to support the mood.
Thankfully, my cousin will probably already mostly have the costumes I will want her to wear. Mostly to accomplish this shoot, I will mostly need gas in the car, to drive to different locations. I somewhat could compare what I in vision to the ballerinas painted by Degas, in the sense that I want realism, more than posed shots. But my goal is also to find a modern representation of dance and feeling.

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