Monday, September 15, 2008

Photo Restage

The photo above is my edited photo for this assignment.
I enjoyed applying the texture filter to this because the photograph looks more like a painting now. I also added the lens flare in the upper left corner because it creates a whimsical feel for the scene. I also create the illusion of a border because to me it looks like the scene is being observed by the viewer through a window.

I basically tried to re-stage the Anne Geddes photo from my previous post. I really enjoyed the lighting in the picture so I want to try and recapture that. The reflection on the vase really caught my attention. The texture of the flowers was also nice so I am including that in the shots. I really just wanted to re-create the whole concept, minus the baby. Although my cat did make an appearance in some of the shots, which was fun. 

After taking the photos I was fairly happy with the results. I feel like I captures the texture and contrast like Geddes did. Unfortunately it was difficult for me to capture a direct focus approach. I love the the vase though, and the lines running horizontally across it. I am also happy with the elements of the photos and my favorite of the three photos is the one with the cant. I love the combination of the textured flowers, with the smooth , reflective vase and the curious cat.

Although there were many similarities between my photos and Geddes piece. I did enjoy experimenting with the composition. For example I love the wide open black space to the right of the subject in the first picture, contrasted with the color and busyness of the flowers in the vase, that just makes an exciting picture to me. I think what makes me love the original photo by Anne, and my pictures so much is probably the dark background with the bright textural foreground. Over all it was a fun assignment and I am fairly happy with the results.  

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