Friday, September 5, 2008

Obviously this scene is a little creepy. I think the coloring and shading turned out perfectly on this piece. I love the perspective because it makes the viewer feel so small in comparison to the "huge" gate. I also love the angle and scary caution voltage sign on the gate door. It is just a different perspective and emotion I tried to explore when taking shots. 

I love this picture for several reasons. I think the first reason I like it is because you don't initially realize that it is a stack of pipes. I love that there is a vanishing point created by the pipes. At first all of the white circles make the picture look like a flat pattern but then when you look closer you see the depth, and light at the end of the pipes on the other side. The small plant in the front also interests me because of the green contrast from the rest of the photo and its small size. I feel like there is even some symbolism here, like the pipes (representing man made industrialization) is towering over nature and diminishing the earth until like in this picture you can barely even find nature in your surroundings.

I wanted to include this photo in my blog because I love nature. I think the contrast between the green grass and bright yellow flower is beautiful. I also the like the placement of the flower in the shot. For one thing the placement effects the perspective and makes the flower look larger than it is in real life. I also think the off center upper left corner of the frame creates interest for the eye because it isn't a typical location to place a subject.

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