Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I love flowers, trees, clouds, rivers, and pretty much anything around me because I see the beauty in it. I even think concrete is pretty because if you watch when you are walking across the parking lot, it seems to sparkle like you are walking on a sea of gray glitter. So that is a little insight into my imagination and appreciation of the world around me. That being said, this picture I chose to post today features a tree. Its sound simple enough, but I really like this photo because of the angle which it was taken. Its hard to describe, but this photo makes me feel like I could step out onto the trunk of the tree and walk straight up it. I also like the way the colors flow from the darker shadows in the bottom right corner to the brighter colors in the upper left. Overall, the piece just motivates my imagination.

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Amanda said...

This picture reminds me of just how small i am. I love the colors and how it fades from dark to light from the bottom corner.